Throwback: When Neelam revealed why she parted ways with Bobby Deol

It was in 1995 that Bobby Deol was acquainted with the universe of Bollywood with Barsaat. This new star kid on the square instantly turned into a hit with the audience, and as it’s been said, rest is history. However, relatively few realise that Bobby was involved with Neelam for more than five years; previously they called it off in the early 90s.

While Bobby and Neelam stayed tight-lipped about their relationship status, the Hum Saath Hain actress after numerous years, at long last opened up on her separation with Bobby in an old interview to a magazine.

“Truly, it is fact that Bobby and I have split. I don’t like discussing my personal life as it is, yet there is a great deal of misconceptions and baseless rumours coasting around, which I might want to let go with an illumination. I don’t need people to accept what is not true. Also, one of the rumours is that Bobby and I have separated due to his involvement with Pooja Bhatt. All things considered, let you know and the world, this is false. I didn’t sever with Bobby on account of Pooja Bhatt or some other girl for that matter. Our choice to go separate ways was mutual and amicable. Certainly not because of unfaithfulness on anybody’s part,” Neelam had said.

Neelam and Bobby were dating each other for more than five years before she called it off. “I simply realized all of a sudden that I could never be happy with him. I know that five years is quite a long period to get that decision; but at least, I did. What’s more, when it occurred to me, I went about as fast as possible. Like I said before, once I’ve decided, I proceed with it.”

Actually, Neelam called it a standout amongst the most sensible choices of her life. “For one, it has made my family extremely cheerful. Presently I can direct my concentration toward alternate things throughout my life that I’ve been disregarding,” she had included.

While many speculated that Neelam took the choice on the grounds that clearly Dharmendra was unhappy with their relationship. Yet, Neelam rubbished the rumour saying that it was nothing to do with their families. Rather she was afraid to wind up being a star wife, and that is the most compelling motivation that she chose to go separate ways with Bobby.

“I just continued thinking about eventually ending up as a star-wife and the idea annoyed me so much that it started haunting me. You know the possibility of getting involved with a person who’s getting into films. He hasn’t even started I just felt scared, awfully scared. I can’t clarify the fear, I thought, should as well finish it now. I couldn’t bear the prospect of something turning out badly later. It would have been too late. I see it happening surrounding me, to all the star-wives. So I chose late, very late, I accept. But still, not very late,” Neelam had said.

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