Video: Ekta Kapoor slammed by the netizens for throwing bananas at beggars hands.

Television czarina and filmmaker Ekta Kapoor is a very religious person. She never shies away from expressing her faith and belief in astrology. Ekta Kapoor was recently spot outside a temple in Mumbai where she was seen distributing foods amongst the poor who had gathered outside the temple.

Meanwhile, the way Ekta is giving fruits to the beggars, she has come under the trolls’ target.

However, the manner in which she was offering the food to the needy people didn’t go down well with the netizens. Soon the producer was slammed by the netizens.

Observing the way Ekta was distributing the fruits amongst the beggars, one of the users slamming Kapoor, wrote, “Why is she throwing bananas? Charity without compassion is nothing (sic).”

Whereas another user commented, “She is literally just throwing bananas in their hands.. as if they r dogs whom you throw biscuits at .. no respect .. they r also humans.. even animals r treated well (sic).” “Shame on you. Do you have a heart really? Shame (sic)!!!,” observed another user.

You can check out the video below where Ekta snapped outside a temple in Mumbai can be seen handing out food to beggars.

You can check out other such comments criticizing the TV czarina below:

On the work front, Ekta recently stowed ‘Business Woman of The Year’ award. Her production house has quite an interesting lineup of movies this year.

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