Kajol’s sister Tanisha crossed all the limit and people said – “Shame”

It is common for Bollywood stars to troll on social media. Kajol’s sister Tanisa Mukherjee also recently became a victim of trolls. Tanisha has taken a long break from Bollywood but she is often grab lime lights due to her hot pictures. In such a situation, Tanisha crossed all the limits and shared her topless picture. Seeing that, people started trolling Tanisha.

Tanisa Mukherjee has shared a topless photo on social media and its caption reads, “Good morning, world. Stay true. “On seeing this picture, social media became viral like a fire. Looking at such a picture of Tanisha, a user wrote, “Is just sharing such a picture to get attentions?” At the same time, a user trolls Tanisha and wrote, “Just wanted to leave this world. The time has come.”

Not only this, many people have termed Tanisha as a mad girl. One user wrote that, “Do not spoil your image by sharing such a picture, and do not tell everyone that you are crazy.” One user here said, “Do not do this just for the sake of getting some likes.”Apart from Well Trolls many people have also praised this picture of Tanisha.

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