Pics: Australian-Indian supermodel Amy Aela is a perfect blend of talent and beauty.

Australian-Indian supermodel Amy Aela is an impressive blend of talent and beauty. Along with having a career in modeling Amy Aela is an Actress, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer and a Business Expert (Marketing and Design) as well. The beautiful model is also utterly known for her dazzling dance moves.

Having spotless, radiantly fair complexion and glowing face, Amy Aela never fails to amaze everyone with her flawless enchantment and great fashion sense. Her extraordinarily magnetic face is the key attraction of her incomparable beauty.

Having a perfectly proportionate and toned healthy physic, her charm and glamour attracts everyone. Very beautiful Amy Aela is best known for her music videos like High Nakhra (2019), Tu Lagdi Ferrari (2020), Mellow Dil Kis ko Du (2020) and Evaruru Aa Pilla (2020).

Amy knows about her versatility in acting and now she is prepping for her debut as a lead role in an upcoming Telugu action comedy movie ‘100 Crore’ where she will be seen alongside Chetan Kumar. In near future she is lined up with quality projects, some of which are Mayday, Jug Jug Jeo, and Kingmakers (Disney+Hotstar).

Born on 19 April 1997 in Allahabad, Amy’s wholesome childhood was spent in Allahabad. After her schooling, she was enrolled in Edith Cowan University Australia to study her Bachelor of Marketing with Minors in Photo-media. Since then, she never looked back and has enamoured millions of people with her talent and beauty. Currently, Amy resides with her parents in Australia while she has her close family in India.

Amy has just ventured into acting in India and has won praises of all. Back in Australia, Amy immersed herself in her design and marketing career. She is the director of ‘Brisbane Fashion Runway’ a fashion house based in Australia.

Her successful luxury events business is a platform for talented designers to showcase and advertise their work. Having 10 year experience and guides brands in marketing and brand strategy, Amy masterfully manages her Marketing and Design business online and focuses on her acting career in India.

Although already a sensation in Australia, her fame further boomed with her explosive entry to social media platform Instagram. With her fashionable and enviable outfits and jaw-dropping modelling photos, she caught everyone’s eyes in no time; she had amassed a huge fan-following on social media.

The cute actress has carved quite a niche for herself with her viral promotional video ‘Saiyaan ji’ (2021) with famous singer and rapper Yo-Yo Honey Singh and Bollywood actress Nushrat Bharucha. The video song has set the internet on fire crossing 3 million views and clinching 46k+ likes. In the dance, Amy coordinates wonderfully with Nushrat and their combination turns out amazing.

In another dance video ‘Evaru Ra Aa Pilla’ alongside the Telugu Big Boss fame Mehboob Shaikh, Amy is seen mesmerizing the hero as well as us all by her vivaciously electrical moves and bubbly cuteness. This was yet another success story as it grabbed about 2 million+ views.

Not only this, her breath-taking dance performance in the popular song ‘Afghan Jalebi’ had gone viral as it was viewed over a million times. In another video, she can be seen gyrating on Varun Dhawan and Nora Fatehi’s lovely song.

Apart from being famous on Instagram, YouTube is another place where Amy keeps inspiring. Having about 50k loyal subscribers on her YouTube channels, she regularly creates and offers unique and fun contents which are extremely entertaining. With her talent and relentless hard work, she has already got fame from her acting, Instagram and business.

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