These 12 Funny Photoshoots From The 90’s Will Leave You ROFL !

List of the top 12 weirdest/funny photoshoots of all time.

Bollywood is most likely one of the most seasoned media outlets in India with an enormous, colossal viewership. Throughout past years, this industry and the substance it produces has seen a great deal of changes. Furthermore, well, this change is a piece of life and its movements. What’s more, like clockwork, the group of onlookers’ discernment likewise changes. So what we believe was a hip pattern in those days, can end up being amusing photoshoots from the 90’s today.

Before we were acquainted with splendidly photoshopped magazine pictures and perfect VIPs on the spreads, we’ve been subjected to some quite absurd photoshoots previously. Do you took a gander at a specific photo of an outstanding individual and essentially going W-T-F?! All things considered, I positively do! There have been many occasions when picture takers have truly lost the plot and I doubt if even God knows what they had in mind.

In a series of throwback pics, we convey to you a rundown of 12 interesting photoshoots from the 90’s that will make you LOL. In addition to the fact that they are super fun, they’ll likewise make you ponder what drove the performers to posture for such pics in any case.


Most of the time you think that you’ve made a bad choice in life, but If it doesn’t looks like this, then it isn’t a bad choice.


Performing artist Govinda and the delightful Juhi Chawla presented in garments made of what appears Foil paper!!


Some time ago, even Jaggu Dada otherwise known as Jackie Shroff exposed everything and presented with a surfboard. LOL!


Even the King Khan of Bollywood. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan was a part of one of the interesting photoshoots from the ’90s. Not just that, his pic likewise showed up on the front of a magazine


Chunky Pandey being Funky Pandey.


Shakti Kapoor has dependably been somewhat out of control however isn’t the panther print bit excessively? Wow!


You decide that this picture of Anil  Kapoor is  interested, attractive, funny or  something else !


John and Aditi Govitrikar shared in an occasion promoting vegetarianism. Also, its damn amusing!


Here is another funny  photoshoot of crime master Gogo from the ’90s.


Karishma Kapoor and Akshay Khanna: This  is the master piece of 90’s photoshoot


The first alien to have come out of PK’s spaceship, way back in the 90’s.


Let us know your favorite shot from the list of  these funny photo shoots ?

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